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“Where To Find Toronto Second Mortgage Lenders”

Toronto Mortgage Brokers
Toronto second mortgage lenders are primarily the same residential home mortgage providers that you would go to for a first mortgage, for the most part.

The difference between who will provide a first mortgage and who will provide a second mortgage financing is all about risk.

For instance, most bank and tier one institutional lenders will consider providing a second mortgage to their own customers that already have a mortgage in place on the property. In this scenario, the lender is still in control of the security and is still lending within their risk comfort zone in terms of the overall debt being carried by the borrower and the property.

At the same time, “A” type lenders will not always be willing to provide a second mortgage behind another lenders first mortgage. This is more commonly provided by second tier banks, trust companies, and private mortgage lending sources.

Any time you have a second mortgage position with two different lenders involved, there is more risk in managing the account as each lender is going to look after their own interest.

To allow for the added risk can be added cost, which is why private second mortgage offerings are the primary lending vehicle for private lenders. For higher risk scenarios, a private lender is basically offering a home equity loan in second position.

For borrowers with good credit, income, and equity, the decision making process is when to use a second mortgage, versus doing a home mortgage refinance, versus applying for a home equity line of credit.

The mortgage strategy you choose should be one where the numbers work out in your favor and the terms and conditions of the mortgage fit with your financial plans.

For instance, if you need to secure additional mortgage funding against your home, a second mortgage may be the best option if the prepayment penalty to refinance the first mortgage will be too high, and if you intend to pay back the incremental funds required slowly over a long period of time. Faster repayment may lend more to a secured or unsecured line of credit.

So identifying when Toronto second mortgage lenders may be the best fit for you starts with what you already have in place with respect to mortgage financing, what your financial and credit profile look like, and what your short term and long term financial planning goals are.

The best way to identify Toronto second mortgage lenders that are a good fit for a given scenario is to work through an experienced mortgage broker who can work through your requirements with you and provider relevant mortgage financing options for your consideration.

Second Mortgage Loans

“When Should You Consider Toronto Second Mortgage Loans?”

Toronto Mortgage Brokers
Toronto second mortgage loans are an avenue to provide additional financing against your home property.

The use of funds can be for a debt consolidation loan, renovation and construction loans, or some other purpose.

When additional funds are going to be required, borrowers will typically try to do a home mortgage refinance to either get a larger first mortgage to replace the existing residential home mortgage or have the existing home mortgage rewritten for a larger amount.

But a 1st mortgage refinancing may not be the best and lowest cost approach for a number of reasons,

Here are some of the more common situations where second mortgage financing would be a better option for acquiring the additional capital.

  • Prepayment penalties.  When refinancing a first mortgage where a term interest rate is in effect, there is the possibility that the process of repaying the principal will trigger a prepayment penalty.  Depending on the time remaining on the interest term, the amount of the penalty can be considerable and avoided if possible.  By leaving the first mortgage as is, one strategy would be to just apply for a second mortgage to acquire the additional funds being sought.  In many cases, the applicant will be able to secure a second mortgage loan at or near the interest rates available for a new first mortgage.

  • Decline in Credit.   When there is a decline in the credit profile of the borrower, the refinancing of the first mortgage may require the home owner to take on a higher interest rate for the new first mortgage that is above what the best available rates are in the market.  If the additional capital required is less than the balance owing on the first mortgage, then it would likely be best to leave the first mortgage alone in order to take advantage of the interest rate currently in place.  Even if the second mortgage needs to come from a private mortgage lender at still higher rates, the weighted average cost of borrowing between the first and second mortgages would likely be lower compared to rewriting the first mortgage at a higher rate.

When considering whether or not to apply for Toronto second mortgage loans, the best course of action you can take is to sit down with an experienced mortgage broker and work through all the different potential financing scenarios that fit your requirements and financing profile.  That way you’ll be in the best position to make a decision that best meets your needs.

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