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Hi, and Welcome to our Walsh Team Website.

Our family run business has been placing Toronto Residential Mortgages now for over 30 years for Toronto and Greater Toronto Area Clients.

What we’ve found over the years is that we work with people that like our hands on and personable approach to solving every mortgage requirement or problem imaginable and spending the necessary time with each and every customer to make sure that the right mortgage gets matched up with the needs of the individual borrower or borrowers.

As Toronto mortgage brokers and mortgage agents, we have access to the full spectrum of residential mortgage lending programs ranging from what the banks, credit unions, and trust companies offer to private mortgage lenders and everything in between.  Regardless of your mortgage financing requirements or your credit background, we’re extremely confident in our collective abilities to find you the most relevant options available to you in the market at any given point in time.

Some Examples Of The Level Of Service You Can Expect

If you need a fast closing, we have gotten deals approved same time day and funded within five days.

If you have good credit and income, we have access to all the major lender programs and will work with you to get the best available interest rate.

If you have challenging credit or a more complex situation, our approach is going to be the same …get you the best available deal and get it closed as quickly as possible.

One thing we pride ourselves on is answering the phone and email quickly so there is no wasted time in getting started, figuring out what can be done, and keeping the process moving.

If you’re skeptical at all about this being another website where you can’t get to talk to a real person or have to send in all your personal information right off the bat, give us a call right now and be pleasantly surprised when someone answers the phone or returns your email right away.

Let Us Help You With Your Mortgage Education

The other thing I want to point out to you is the wealth of information we have on this site to help you get better acquainted with the residential mortgage process, who we are, and how we go about helping you with your needs.

You’re not just a number or an email address, you’re a potential customer and we want to make sure you are completely comfortable with everything that goes into locating and securing your mortgage.  Let’s face it, for most of us our home mortgage is the biggest financial decision we ever have to make.

And even if its not the biggest, it’s one of them.  So being confident in any home mortgage decisions you need to make is important… important to you and your family and important to us.

If you decide to use our service, we want to have a relationship with you for a long time, so a bad mortgage experience is not an option from our point of view.

So look around the site and check out the information available.  And if you have any suggestions for information that would be beneficial to you, send us an email and we’ll see if we can add something into the site to accommodate your request.

There are many different slices to the residential mortgage market.

Here Are Some of The Types of
Residential Mortgages We Place For Our Clients.

Residential Home Mortgage. Applications for home mortgage financing are the most common and there can be tremendous variability in what mortgage products and programs will be the best fit from one application to another.  Regardless of the property type or your personal financial profile, our goal is to get you into the best available mortgage for your particular situation within the time you have to work with.

First Time Home BuyerThat first time purchasing a new or used home can be a bit unnerving and stressful to say the least.  Let’s spend the time to through everything together and work towards making this the exciting event in your life that it should.

Cottage Mortgage Financing / Vacation Home Mortgage.  Because of Toronto’s close proximity to cottage country, we get a number of requests for cottage mortgage financing, whether it be a primary year round residence or a secondary home for seasonal use.  There are a number of mortgage programs available for cottage related mortgages.  Some can be a bit tricky to qualify for so the more lead time you can give us on these types of applications the more opportunity we’ll have to secure more ideal rates and terms.

Refinance Mortgage.  Refinancing a mortgage can be another major financial decision so its going to be important to go through the assessment process with respect to what your financial picture is likely going to look like over the next few years, the residential mortgage programs available, and how any potential mortgage refinancing decision is going to impact your cash flow and level of risk tolerance.  This is an exercise we go through daily with our clients and would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your mortgage refinancing needs.

Renovation and Construction Loans.  We provide renovation loans and construction mortgages for our clients including owner/builder scenarios.  There can be a number of ways to finance a construction project so the best first step is to have an initial conversation with someone on our team and get a free assessment of all your available construction financing options.

Multi Unit Residential Mortgage Financing.  Residential complexes of four units or less qualify for a variety of residential mortgage programs.  The key to getting the right mortgage in place for an acquisition or refinancing situation is to start the process as early as possible so that there is sufficient time to work through all the application requirements and then target mortgage lenders that best fit your requirements and financial profile.

Second Mortgage.  There are times when a second mortgage on a residential property is the best approach to acquiring funds for a number of different applications.  We place both bank and private second mortgages according to you what you are able to qualify for.

Private Mortgage.  While many people associate a private mortgage or hard money loan with bad credit, there are some scenarios where a private mortgage can quickly become the preferred choice over a conventional bank mortgage.  Regardless of the need for a private property loan, we work directly with a number of private lenders that fund private mortgages in both Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Bad Credit Mortgage.  We consider a bad credit mortgage to be any situation where you could not qualify for the lower cost mortgage programs.  But having bad credit does not automatically mean there is no institutional lender solution for you.  We have a number of programs we work with that can provide conventional mortgage rates for people with bad or poor credit.  If the credit profile is severe enough to rule out any institutional mortgage solution, you can still be considered for private mortgage financing.

Debt Consolidation Loan.  One of the best ways to reduce your overall cost of debt and increase your available cash flow is through a debt consolidation loan that allows you to further leverage the equity in your home in order to free up funds to retire or pay down more expensive debt, typically unsecured consumer debt.   Give us a call so we can work through a debt consolidation exercise with you and provide you with a free assessment of your available options.

Home Equity Loan.  A home equity loan or home equity mortgage product is designed for individuals that can’t show sufficient amounts of traditional forms of reported income like employment earnings to satisfy lender requirements.  If you have good credit and equity of at least 25% in the property you own or wish to acquire, then a home equity mortgage would definitely be something to consider.

Reverse Mortgage.  In recent years, retirement planning as introduced different ways to utilize the equity in your home to finance your retirement years.  Reverse mortgages are one of these strategies to consider to better manage your retirement cash flow.

Insured Mortgage.  Lead by Canada Mortgage and Housing Insurance (CMHC), mortgage insurance programs in Canada currently allow as high as 95% mortgage financing and amortization periods as high as 30 years.  Mortgage insurance is available for residential home purchase, mortgage refinance, and rental property financing.

Non Resident Mortgage Financing. Our non resident clients have the ability to qualify for a number of different programs for condo mortgage financing and other single family unit mortgages. For non residents of Canada, there are both short and long term mortgage solutions for their Canadian property investments.

Rental Property Mortgage.  For investors or speculators buying rental property for a long term investment or a fix and flip type strategy, there are both institutional and private mortgage options available for this type of purpose and all the variations that can occur.  Mortgage insurance can also be acquired for rental properties up to a mortgage amount of 80% of the property value.

Private Second Mortgage.  A private second is typically the most common form of private mortgage financing and it can be utilized for debt consolidation, fast access to equity financing, and construction loans among other uses.

Self Employed Mortgage.  With the growth in self employment, there is a considerable need to home mortgage programs that can accommodate the manner in which business owners and entrepreneurs report and hold their net worth and annual earnings.  Luckily we have access to a number of excellent self employed mortgage programs for this type of application.

Home Equity Line of Credit.  One of the more common ways to access the available capital in your home for short term use is through a home equity line of credit.  Typically this is secured by a second mortgage charge against the property and is qualified for in a similar fashion as the conventional first mortgage. While there are many different applications and mortgage products, everything always starts with the initial assessment.

Mixed Use Property Mortgage. Certain real estate properties will have both a residential and commercial component.  The type of structure and the breakdown of the usage will determine what mortgage options are going to be best suited for your requirements.  While there aren’t a lot of these types of mortgage programs around, we do have direct lender relationships with both institutional and private mortgage sources.

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